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Enhances Awareness Program

The Enhances Awareness Program (EAP) is the flagship of Western Mindfulness. Developed by Russell Sturgess in 2009, this is a year-long personal mentoring program that systematically guides people (with three sets of high quality workbooks and journals) to developing mindfulness as a beneficial habit. The weekly engagement in one-on-one sessions means that the awareness and strategies needed to create a more self-loving reality can be established enough to make mindfulness a reality. 


Russell only works with 10 people in this program each year. Having engaged in learning and applying the principles of mindfulness for over 30 years, Russell is one of Australia’s most experienced facilitators in Western Mindfulness. His deep understanding of this process and mindfulness are unparalleled. 

How Can You Do It?

EAP is only offered one-on-one either in person or on-line, or a combination of the two, and to only 10 people annually. One of those is offered as a scholarship. 

How Long Does It Take?

EAP is made up of three units; the Being Aware Unit, Being Strategic Unit and Being Mindful Unit. They are each allotted one session per week for on average 14 weeks per unit. Very rarely is there less required, and at most two extra may be required. Time can be taken between each session for a short break, but normally, the shorter the better. 

Each session is scheduled for up to 90 minutes, and no less than 60 minutes. Russell is also available for additional mentoring support as the need arises.

Are There Resources?

You will be provided with three sets of high quality, comprehensive work-notes which are used throughout the three units. They become an important mindfulness resource following the EAP. All participants will also receive a copy of Russell's autobiographical book, The Get Out of Jail Card. There are also three daily journal to be used on the completion of each of the three units. They include 60 days of activities for reenforcing your mindfulness practices. 

You will also be given an additional year long access to The Mindfulness Brief, a monthly program designed to help you maintain your commitment to living with awareness and mindfulness. This would normally attract an additional fee. 


What is it worth?

You will receive 60 - 70 hours (which can take from between one and two years to complete) of personal mentoring from Russell who has been actively involved in researching and writing about Western mindfulness for over 30 years. EAP has been developed and refined by Russell for over 10 years, having been used by over 20 mentors with hundreds of clients. See these testimonials from Russell's clients for more clarity about the quality and value of Russell's work as an EAP mentor. Russell's fee is negotiable.

How Do I Go About Doing It?

You have to contact Russell directly to arrange to do the Enhances Awareness Program with him. You can either email or phone him to arrange a time to meet. Once you decide to go ahead, you and Russell will work out a mutually agreeable time for your weekly sessions. Obviously life can have its own agendas and so Russell can be quite flexible with session times if his schedule allows. Click on the buttons to the left to contact Russell.

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