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Any time you are put into the position to make a choice, it is effectively about what you value. As Russell explains, how you spend your time and money is a reflection of what you value most. To decide which program or workshop you need to do, you first have to be clear how much you value you! How important is it for you to have better health, clarity of purpose, loving relationships and having the freedom that comes with living the life that you love? It is worth noting that this work is not counselling, coaching or psychotherapy. Click on each logo to find out more. 

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If you feel you would like to just dip your toe in to the water and find out more about awareness and mindfulness and how they can radically change your life, then you might like to do The Awareness Brief. This is a three hour session that can be done individually or with a group. This will give you a deeper understanding of the Western Mindfulness approach to healing and gain a clear understanding of it unique C.H.A.S.M. process for change. 

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If you really do value yourself, but you are limited by either time or financial resources, then you might consider doing the Pathways to MindfulnessIt is an eight session workshop/program offered in a variety of ways that can meet your personal circumstances. Of all these options, doing the program one-on-one with Russell will give you the best experience.  

This is Russell's premium program, which is only offered to 10 people each year. If you were committed to having mindfulness be woven into the fabric of your life as a permanent component, then you would choose to do this program. The Enhances Awareness Program is a care-fully designed, year-long, journey of transformation, with highly experienced guidance, and exceptional quality workbooks and journals supporting your experience. This is only offered as a one-on-0ne program.

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Having a new way to approach life isn't always sustainable. To help you achieve this, Russell offers a monthly online session called The Mindfulness Brief. This is available to anyone who has completed either Pathways to Mindfulness or the Enhances Awareness Program. This is an opportunity to join others and ask questions and discuss the challenges and success of living life with more awareness and mindfulness. 

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