What many people don't know about Russell is that he has studied Numerology for almost 40 years. Numerology is a system for developing expanded awareness that references the qualitative nature of numbers, especially the numbers of one's birthdate and the alpha/numerics of one's birth name. As with any skill that has been developed over 40 years, experience translates into intuition, which is not lost in the case of Numerology. Numerology came to prominence in the early 20th century, although it is said that its roots stem back to the mystery schools of Pythagorus (circa 500 BCE).

What does a Numerology reading give me?

Numerology gives insights into various aspects of one's human experience. It especially puts light on three aspects. 

  1. It identifies the natural abilities you possesses, the lessons you are here to learn, what you are passionate about and the nature of your personality - how others see you not necessarily how you see yourself. 

  2. It gives insights into the chapters of your life, from birth onwards.

  3. It helps you to understand the 'nature' of your current life-experience, which by being more aware of makes it easier to be more proactive and less reactive to how your life unfolds. You could call it a 'human weather forecast'. 

What happens in a Numerology session?

You will need to supply Russell with your birthdate and full name as listed on your birth certificate. He then uses both traditional and personally devised methodologies of Numerology to identify your key numbers, the meaning of which forms the insights that Russell has regarding those three previously identified aspects. Russell's Numerology sessions are done live and typically go for an hour, which he digitally records. Once completed Russell will send you an email with the digital recording of the session. 


You are welcome to ask questions, seek clarification and discuss any of the points that Russell raises throughout the session.


How do I book a session with Russell?

Either email Russell at or message him on +61 (0)405 711 771. He will then arrange a time with you for your session. Payment can be made on this website in The Shop, or via the app Beem it, or by credit/debit card at the time of the reading. Russell's fee for a Numerology session is AUD$130.