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Pathways To Mindfulness

Pathways to Mindfulness (PTM) is a short course in Western Mindfulness. It is delivered in two formats, a more spiritually aligned version entitled The Beatitudes and a version inspired by neuroscience called C.H.A.S.M. To read more about these options, click on the relative word. PTM can be delivered in-person, on-line, individually and in groups. Both formats include eight, one and one-half hour sessions, which can be packaged in a variety of ways. Participating in any of the PTM will give you both the understanding and tools for living a life with less stress and more inner-peace. 

How Can You Do It?

PTM can be done one-on-one, either in person or on-line. Russell, along with his partner, Rosie Rasmussen, run the PTM program for couples. This can be done two-on-two, or in a group. Russell offers this program for groups, generally targeted towards professional clusters; health, education, and business. He can also tailor programs for organisations, including social and interest groups, companies, schools, churches and professional associations.

How Long Does It Take?

There are eight sessions in PTM with a duration of 90 minutes for each session, give or take a few. When delivered on-line, the program is offered through the medium of Zoom on a weekly basis for 8 weeks. 

Generally, when offered to individuals it is also done weekly. When working with couples, it is typically done over a weekend; Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.

Group workshops can also delivered over two days and one evening, but they are typically tailored to meet the needs of a group.

For corporate clients and schools, the program can be constructed to meet the needs and time-frame limitations of an organisation. 

Are There Resources?

You will be provided with a high quality, comprehensive workbook which is used throughout the 8 sessions. It becomes an important mindfulness resource following the PTM. All participants who have not done The Awareness Brief will also receive a copy of Russell's autobiographical book, The Get Out of Jail Card

The PTM can be tailored to various professional cohorts. These workshops include; The Aware Health Professional, The Aware Business Professional and The Aware Eduction Professional. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Because PTM can be tailored to individual needs and group requirements, the fee can vary, Russell is happy to negotiate a fee that is suited to your circumstances. 

How Do I Go About Doing It?

If you want to know more about the PTM or you would like to organise a personal program or a group PTM for your organisation or with your friends and associates, click on the button to the left and send Russell an email. 

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