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Transformation Happens Like A Ripple Across A Pond - Part 3

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

What Do You Desire?


Desire sits at the core of your pool of consciousness. It is what you desire most that either creates waves and ripples or stillness throughout every aspect of your life. Putting it simply, if you desire acceptance, power or wealth in all of their dimensions, what you value, what you treasure, will align with that desire. These typically results in waves across your pool of consciousness.

If you desire peace, joy and fulfilment, what you value, what you treasure, will align with those desires. That typically results in stillness. For example, if you desire acceptance, you value the approval of others, which in turn leads to you losing yourself to become what others want you to be, for their approval. If you desire peace, you value forgiveness, which arises from awareness and non-judgement. It is only from that place that stillness in the pool of consciousness can exist.

Where Do Your Desires Come From?

Like most of us, you may not be familiar with what you desire most. That is because those desires were programmed into your consciousness from a very young age. Your domestic environment, your social and cultural environments all contributed to that programming. What you desire, and therefore what you value grows out of that programming. A good way to understand your desires and their associated values is to identify how and why you spend your time, talent and money in the way you do. Take a moment to consider that. If the reason is associated with acceptance, power or material status, then there will be ripples or waves on your pool of consciousness. If the reason is peace, joy and fulfilment then typically there is stillness across your pool of consciousness.

For your pool to be still, it requires a shift in desires. As you can’t change what you can’t observe, it is imperative that you first understand (become aware of) your current desires. The next step requires you to have a clear understanding of the state of consciousness you desire most, and what it would take to achieve that. It is important to at least entertain the idea that what moulded your formative consciousness resulted in your developing some really awesome abilities. I would suggest that these are the gifts you gave yourself (in the big scheme of things) to better fulfil your divine purpose.

How to Identify Your Divine Purpose?

That being the case the next step requires you to identify your divine purpose, a way to use those abilities to support your more serving desires and values. This typically would have you identify ways to serve humanity and the planet. All of this is only possible when you can maintain the ability to stay aware. In fact, awareness is the key element to aligning with desires that manifest as sustainable values. Any effort to shift to more serving desires has to be grounded is a strong commitment to staying aware. As I explained in earlier blogs, once something have been authentically observed (brought into full awareness) it changes.

This is the most difficult concept of fostering change in this paradigm. Action mostly brings temporary change, where awareness results in lasting change. Awareness results in you being more mindful in how you engage the difference aspects of your consciousness.

The Enhances Awareness Program is a template for assisting you to change your desires and therefore your values and your life experience. Have the guidance of a mentor and a formula for making change happen gives confidence to your ability to actually achieve this.

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