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Your Body Is A Symbol Of Consciousness - Part 2

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Fascia and Consciousness


One of the fastest growing areas of research and understanding regarding human anatomy is fascia. Fascia is the connective tissue which segments and envelopes every muscle, organ, nerve, blood vessel and more, throughout the human body. And it has only been in recent years that the significance of its various roles has been identified and understood. The Father of Osteopathy, Andrew Taylor Still observed, “I know of no part of the body that equals the fascia…in every view we take of fascia a wonder appears. The part that fascia takes in life and death gives us one of the greatest problems to solve…By its actions we live, by its failure we die.”

The Matrix

One of the key components of fascia is referred to as the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) otherwise known as ground substance. It is the fluid-structure which fills the space between the various cells and fibre that make up fascia. Healthy fascia relies on a balanced dynamic of hydration and circulation. The quality of the blood is intrinsic to the quality of fascia, as is the quality and quantity of water. Too dry and the matrix shrinks, causing the fascia to thicken, getting tighter as the collagen and various fibres begin gluing together. Too wet, and the mechanism that makes the water accessible to the cells struggles to function leaving a swamp of fluid in the tissues of the body. The excess or absence of heat, caused by the various degrees of friction in the blood vessels of the body also contribute to the quality of the extra cellular matrix of the fascia. Poor circulation (due mainly to in sufficient exercise and disease) sees the quality of coldness in the fascia being superimposed on the dry/wet states of the tissue. Conversely, hypertension and excessive circulation when overlaid on the dry/wet states leads to another disease state that when maintained over longer periods of time also results in chronic diseases. A lot of the life-style diseases common today can be attributed to these imbalances.

Hot, Dry, Wet and Cold

The object of many forms of treatment is to restore the homeostasis between hot and cold, and wet and dry. Being in balance results in wellness, sustained imbalance results in illness. There are many factors that can cause imbalances to the ECM. Water intake, quality and quantity of food, exercise, drugs, sleep, and  the environment, to name a few. There is also a lot of evidence to suggest that imbalances in the state of one’s consciousness can also result in disturbances to the balance of the hot, dry wet and cold quality of the fascias of the body. This implies that health and disease in the body may be a consequence of changes in consciousness. Consciousness as discussed in an earlier blog is mostly experienced through how, we as humans, relate to the world around us via our thoughts, feelings, senses and desires. A variety of sources have uniformly linked thinking to the quality of dryness (the air element). Feelings have long been associated with wet (the water element), the senses with coldness (the earth element)  and desire with heat (the fire element). It could be extrapolated that anything that changes the nature of one’s thinking would foster an associated response to the quality of dryness in the tissues. The same being true for the other three elements.

Fascia Mirrors Consciousness

Fascial Kinetics is a modality of bodywork based on the Bowen Therapy approach. It’s a modality that facilitates change, by bringing a window of opportunity for balance to the tissue-qualities of hot, dry, wet and cold. Thousands of therapists and clients have attested to the fact that significant changes in consciousness directly resulted from the application of a series of treatments. It would appear that the greater the balance of these tissue qualities, the more awareness that emerges. For this balance to be sustainable, there has to be a conscious engagement of the person’s thoughts, feelings, senses and desires. Conversely, several hundred clients who have been through the Enhances Awareness Program, which has clients be more conscious (aware) of how and why they think, emote, sense and desire the way they do, has seen a significant improvement in their health and wellbeing. However the enhanced awareness is achieved, it would appear that there is always an associated balance of the qualities of the fascia in the body. The challenge until now is how can these changes, and the degree of awareness needed to sustain these changes, be made sustainable. In what is thought to be one of the very exciting break-throughs in mindfulness processes, EAP has a unique, simple approach for facilitating sustainable health and wellbeing. Clients typically report that they have greater mental clarity, are more engaged with their senses, are naturally happier and totally free of the things that are holding them back. Through enhanced awareness, you can heal.

Take a Moment to Consider

Take a minute to consider what sort of symptoms of acute and chronic disease would present in the body if there was too much heat? What sort of symptoms would present if the body was too dry? And too cold? Too wet (internally)? How would you describe your state of hot, dry, wet or cold, and how does that relate to your state of consciousness?

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Client Rave

Having completed the Enhances Awareness Program, this client explained, “Boundaries have become clearer in all areas. I now love who I am, both body and mind. I have even more spiritual awareness and gratification. I have let go of the past by identifying the gifts it afforded me, and through maintaining awareness, carry only that into my future.” Rosie, QLD.

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