While living in Italy for most of 2007, Russell researched and wrote the first draft of Metanoia. In what could only be described as an academic treatise, Russell writes about a set of 22 images that originated in Milan during the 13th and 14th centuries. They were essentailly protable stain-glass windows, teaching tools of heretical Christians who did not meet in buildings. By the 15th century these images were 'printed' and being combined with the regular suits in playing cards, became known as the Marseille Tarot by the late 16th Century. 

It is the hidden messages of the original 22 cards that are the focus of Russell's book, which he proposes were more like religious 'texts' and not a divining tool. Russell claims the images were an attempt to slavage the primative Christian teachings that existed up to the end of the 4th Century, and which were taught as the foundational beliefs for heretical Christian at the latter part of the medieval period.

While researching and writing the book, Russell revealed 700 year old teachings that clearly identified a transformative journey that has been lost to modern understanding. Over the last decade, Russell transformed the concepts into modern venacular and developed the Enhances Awareness Program

This book will not be reprinted, and there is only a limited number of copies of this book left.  


Metanoia, Renovating the house of your spirit. (570gm)

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