One of Australia's thought leaders in Western MIndfulness, Russell Sturgess shares intimate details of his own awareness journey. This illustrates his innovative approach for helping people discover a deep sense of their self-worth, through living mindfully. Together, self-worth and mindfulness naturally result in a much better quality of life. 

Like most people, Russell had become imprisoned by his fears. The walls of Russell's prison were made up of the bricks of depression, obesity, divorce and bankruptcy, cemented together by his fears and doubts. Building your own prison, you may have used different bricks and cement. 

Find his 'Get Out of Jail Card', russell dropped over 50kg in weight. He found a fulfilling purpose in which there was no space left for depression. Topping up the love he found for himslef, his relationship was no longer seen as the source of his love. Russell also experienced a radical change in values, which resulted in him gaining a new perspective on his finacnes. 

We all need a 'Get Out of Jail Card' to free us from our prison. You are worth it!

Get Out of Jail Card - bulk order (5 or more copies, 200gm/book)


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