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The wellbeing of the people in an organisation hugely impacts on the organisation's success. Wellbeing is achieved when people experience the joy of fulfilment, have clarity of purpose, and a commitment to wellness; all naturally motivated by the desire to be kinder to themselves and to others. This can only be achieved when you are aligned with better serving behaviours, thoughts and feelings, and that is the role of mindfulness. By removing the habitual blocks to mindfulness and having strategies and tools to sustain it, wellbeing is a real possibility. It is possible to strike a balance between being fully engaged and productive in your work, while being self-honouring physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It's worth noting that this program is not counselling, coaching or psychotherapy. Below are listed a variety of ways by which this can be achieved both individually, and with groups and teams in an organisation. Click on each of the icons to find out more about each program.

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If you are uncertain about how awareness and mindfulness would serve you or your organisation then you might like to do The Awareness Brief. This gives a simple but comprehensive explanation for how the western approach to mindfulness is aligned with the latest developments in neuroscience. This approach does not focus on meditation, but is more aligned with the development of new and better serving neural pathways. Explaining the unique C.H.A.S.M. strategy, this approach brings mindfulness into the 21st Century.

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This is the perfect program for working with groups and teams, but can also be delivered to individuals. The Pathways to Mindfulness program is an eight-session program that is offered either in person or live, on-line. Participants in this program explore how their personal filters can impact on their engagement and productivity, resulting personally in health and wellbeing issues, and as an employee; compromised inputs and outcomes. By being more mindful, people better manage their time, resources and relationships. This could be thought of as a preventative EAP (Employee Assistance Program).

This is Russell's premium program, which is only offered to 10 people each year. If you were committed to having mindfulness be woven into the fabric of your life as a permanent component, then you would choose to do this program. The Enhances Awareness Program is a care-fully designed, year-long, journey of transformation, with highly experienced guidance, and exceptional quality workbooks and journals supporting your experience. If you want to be really self-honouring, or as an organisation, truly honour a member of staff, this would be the way to go. 

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Having made the investment to adopt mindfulness as a way of life, The Mindfulness Brief is a way to reinforce your commitment by participating in a monthly refresh. Using Russell's S.I.L.O. model, you will be gently reminded each month of ways to sustain being both aware and mindful. This can be tailored for a business or organisation, or is something which is live and on-line for individuals. Repeated discussion and the sharing and hearing of each other's experiences helps to reinforce your commitment to living mindfully.

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