The Awareness Brief

The Awareness Brief is a three hour program that clearly explains how awareness and mindfulness are dynamic catalysts for personal transformation. The majority of people have little understanding of how mindfulness works, and less so from a western perspective. This approach is not about meditation. In fact, it is closely aligned with the most recent research in neuroscience, which more clearly understands the role the brain takes in creating sustainable change. In this three hour session you will be given a beautifully simplified explanation of neuroplasticity and how mindfulness uses this mechanism of the brain to bring lasting change. 

You will also learn about C.H.A.S.M., the five-step process for adopting an approach to life that is mindfully based. You will also learn how mindfulness naturally results in you being kinder to yourself, to others and to the environment. This results in a life that is typically love-filled, joy-filled, peace-filled and healthier. Awareness stops us from being ignorant. Ignorance causes us to live life habitually. Awareness allows us to explore options for living life in a way that is better serving for us, for others and for the planet. 

How Can You Do It?

This can either be done individually or in a group. The group format can be tailored to an organisation or as part of group workshops that Russell offers throughout SE Queensland. Both the individual and group programs can be delivered on-line in real time. 

How Long Does It Take?

This typically takes 3 hours, in both personal and group settings. 

Are There Resources?

During the workshop you will be using your own personal Awareness Brief Workbook. It contains quotes and reference notes that you will be able to refer back to after the session. You will also receive a copy of Russell's short autobiography, Get Out of Jail Card, A Journey of Self-Worth. It's a good post-workshop tool to help you remember the information covered in the workshop. In it, Russell reveals his own journey to being more aware and mindful and how he was able to change his life from a very dark place, to one filled with purpose, love and peace.

How Much Does It Cost?

Because it can be tailored to individual circumstances, the fee can vary, being indicative of the service offered. The fee, as such, is negotiable.

How Do I Go About Doing It?

If you want to participate in the workshop one-on-one, or you would like to organise a group workshop for your organisation or with your friends and associates, click on the button to the left and send Russell an email. 

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