To help in your decision making, here are a few testimonials from people who have participated in various programs with Russell.

Dan C. 

Brisbane Qld.

Gifted Musician and Corporate Systems Engineer

Working with Russell is extremely rewarding.  He has helped me crystallise a lot of prior learning about spirituality and psychology into clear gemstones - gems of Truth.  Russell has great insight into what is really going on here as human beings and has been able to help me to see how things are operating in my own life, to great advantage.  My sessions with Russell are certainly one of the highlights of my week. 

My journey with the Enhances Awareness Program (EAP) has been surprising. Despite having participated in numerous self-development programs over the last 30 years, as well as training and working both as a counsellor and coach, I was drawn to EAP after seeing friends I respected experience great benefits. Initially, I expected to be reminded of what I already knew, but soon realized that the apparent simplicity of the structure belied the depth of the work.

In time, the awarenesses that I developed enabled me to clearly see and almost effortlessly change some core patterns I had been battling with for years! I wholeheartedly recommend this life-changing program to anyone wanting to transform and enrich their life.

Jane H.D.

Auckland NZ

Counsellor and Coach



Sam l.

Maroochydore Qld.

Single Mum and Middle Management

in Corporate 

Prior to my commencement of this program in mid-2018, I found myself highly strung, in constant fight or flight mode, completely exhausted and on the edge of burnout and full of self doubt, which was impacting my work just as much as it was my family life. I knew I couldn't continue doing what I was doing but didn't know where to begin. Since completing the Pathways to Mindfulness workshop with Russell and Rosie and now being half way through EAP, the impact of becoming aware of my story and how it has impacted on each area of my life, and now being able to understand why I do things the way I do, has been remarkable! The more aware I have become the more grounded, calmer and less stressed I am. This has been particularly noticeable in my work, with increased engagement, feeling more confident in my abilities, what I can contribute and the value I provide, which has lead to higher quality work and increased productivity, and less time spent overthinking and overanalysing my decisions. I have naturally been able to implement positive changes in many different areas in my life which has improved my overall quality of life. 

I have also found that being more self aware allows me to be more aware of others, being more empathetic and understanding which is beneficial not only with colleagues but with clients. Being more aware of the impact of leading a more self honouring life has also naturally led me to want to help others and lead by example in being a positive influence, particularly to those in the workplace. 

I cannot thank Russell enough for the impact that he and EAP have had on my life in such a short period of time!

Russell Sturgess and EAP has changed the very fabric of my being. By applying Russell's wise counsel, I've gone from feeling victimized by my own emotions, to healing my original 'story', to having a completely new outlook on life; expressing myself from heart-centered awareness and presence. As a seminar facilitator myself, I feel confident that facilitators within any type of counselling scenario would greatly benefit from applying its simple yet powerful principles in their own practice. In fact, anyone and everyone would not only heal from the inside out, but come out of it feeling ready to conquer their world. 

Silvia 'MoonCoach' Pancaro

Florida USA

Author & Seminar Facilitator

Bronwyn H. 

Warrandyte VIC.

Oncology & Remedial Massage Therapist

In the beginning I was somewhat sceptical, expecting yet another self-development program that would produce little lasting change or growth and cost the earth. Then midway through the first unit, there came an awakening which helped me see the power of this cleverly and sensitively designed program.

As we started to examine different aspects of my ‘story’ I began to see how gently the program was leading me through a sacred exploration of my own consciousness. I understood that this was not something being ‘done’ to me but rather a process designed to help ME undo what I have done, to me, unconsciously over many years. It has been quite an awakening.

The beauty of EAP lies in how Russell and the material work supportively without judgement or bias. Russell is both guide and witness along the path of self-discovery. There is a real sense of liberation in seeing and releasing your own stories that no longer serve; the self-imposed limitations, the beliefs and patterns that have formed like glue around old concepts that no longer have a reason to exist.

My weekly one hour mentoring session is very important to me. I love how this program is dedicated to helping me better navigate both my inner and outer landscapes and is helping me to evolve. It feels like a lifetime gift.

Russell's style of teaching is welcoming and inclusive. With his vast knowledge and experience of the topics, I found many insights, even with years of self-development under my belt. The questions asked in this program were thought provoking and enabled me to sift through the ways I am currently acting and reacting in my daily life, and then offer options for different thinking and ways to feel less suffering and more satisfaction in each moment.

The on-line group session was terrific, as it enabled me to attend from my home or wherever I was at the time. Very convenient, no; long travel times, accomodation costs or having to block out full days. It gave me time to think and practice. I felt comfortable sharing private details and knowing it would stay confidential. I felt I could ask any question at all, big or small. 

The PTM (CHASM) has helped me see where I am at, brought clarity about how I am living and thinking, and helped me begin to see things differently. Before doing the course I was suffering, resistant and feeling disempowered. At the end I was hope-full, accepting and happier, with a plan of daily reflection and awareness. I love these new feelings and want more moving forward. Who I am is enough, right here and now! 

Thank you Russell and your team for putting this life-changing program together.

Megan P.

East Pingelly WA.

Farmer and Complementary Health Practitioner.

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