Pathways to Mindfulness is a 25 week, personal mindfulness mentoring course. It's objective is to guide and inspire people to identify an enriched appreciation of their worth, such that they will be naturally motivated to remember to make self-loving choices. Unfortunately, in the West, our Christian based approach to life adopted the idea that being self-loving was wrong, even though Jesus' core theology included 'love your neighbour as yourself'.


The course framework has the acronym C.H.A.S.M. This is Russell's unique five-step process that systematically helps participants develop new neural pathways (a scientific name for habits) that make it easier to be aligned with behaviours, thoughts and feelings that are more self loving. This is important if you are truly desirous of wanting to act more lovingly with others and to the planet. 

C - Identifying your Current Reality. There is an adage that says, 'You can't change what you can't see'. The first five weeks is designed to have you clearly see how you are currently experiencing life. 

H - This has you see what it is that is Holding You Back. This identifies the narrative of your childhood that caused you to question your self-worth, which can 'plague' you throughout your whole life. As Aristotle observed, 'Give me a boy until he his seven, and I will give you the man'. 

A - Imagining an Alternate Reality is the next step in developing a new neural pathway. Over these five weeks you get to imagine what a more self-loving reality could look like, in your world. Where your Current Reality is where you are now, your Alternate Reality is where you want to go.

S - Shifting Realities details the 'map' for how to get from where you are now to where you want to go. Over these five weeks you will create a detailed strategy for how you can transform the key aspects of your consciousness that are causing you to suffer the most. 

M - Mindful not Wilful are five practical tools to help you stay aware and mindful that you have the choice to behave, think, and feel more self lovingly. The key here is that it's not about fixing anything, it about understanding and trusting the power of observation (being mindful) to facilitate change. 

To help you decide if this is something you want to do, Russell offers a two-session lead-in to the Pathways to Mindfulness that is called Exploring Awareness. This will give you both a clear idea of the nature of the course and the supporting manuals (which are second to none), and probably more importantly, you'll get to experience Russell first hand and if he is someone you want to work with. If you would like to find out more about Exploring Awareness and/or Pathways to Mindfulness, contact Russell via the email form below.

In addition to the 25 week version of Pathways to Mindfulness, Russell also offers an 8 week short course version of Pathways to Mindfulness. The difference in benefit is that the 25 week program helps to better bed-in mindfulness as a way of life. The 8 week program helps you to understand what is needed to live more mindfully, and includes some of the tools needed to do that, but in the majority of cases, 8 weeks is not not enough to have it stick.