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In addition to being the developer of the Enhances Awareness Program, Russell is both a Senior EAP Mentor and principal instructor of the EAPMentor online training program (click here to read more about becoming an EAP Mentor).

In 2009, after having lived in Italy for almost a year researching and writing about the Cathar's theology of love, Russell saw the virtue in adopting their proven system for embracing a love (agape) centred approach to life. Distilling their theology into modern vernacular, and supporting it with the latest research in neuroscience, Russell devised a personal mentoring program that for over a decade has seen many individuals, who have either worked with Russell personally or with one of his trained EAP Mentors, experience profound life transformations. 

A Testimonial 

I write from my position as a medical specialist and also an international healthcare leader, having been an advisor to the NZ Government and the World Health Organisation. I am also the cofounder of an international movement for compassionate healthcare - Hearts in Healthcare. Together with my wife Meredith, we did the Enhances Awareness Program (EAP) with Russell Sturgess, which involves many months of one-on-one weekly mentoring sessions and a highly structured program. Both of us realised considerable benefits in both our professional and personal lives as a result of this program, which I highly recommend. The program is based on a great depth of knowledge and wisdom and the learning resources are truly excellent. Of all the many programs in self-development I have undertaken, EAP would rank among the most valuable. 


I have also attended the shorter Pathways to Mindfulness program and am happy to endorse this product as well. In fact, I believe this program to be so valuable that I have offered to help revise and adapt the program to suit the specific needs of physicians, as a thank you gift to Russell.

What does mentoring achieve?

EAP Mentoring helps participants to live more mindfully by enhancing their awareness of kinder choices, for themselves, for others and for the planet. This typically results in participants experiencing improved health and wellbeing mentally, physically, and emotionally. It also sees the participants being more naturally aligned with spiritual values like inner peace, joy and kindness. 

How does it work?

There are four steps to enhancing one's awareness. 

  1. Honestly identifying one's current reality.

  2. Exploring what caused life to be experienced in that way.

  3. Imaging a better serving alternate reality. 

  4. Creating a strategy for bridging the gap between 1 and 3. 

The first three steps are included in the first unit of the Enhances Awareness Program (EAP) called the Being Aware Unit. The fourth awareness step makes up the second unit of EAP called the Being Strategic Unit. The final unit is called the Being Mindful Unit, which as its name suggests is about learning how to live mindfully every day. Each unit is supported with a high quality workbook that sets the framework for each session, and becomes an important resource after completing EAP. 

Each unit consists of 14 sessions (on average) that are typically held weekly. these sessions take an average of sixty minutes, but can be more or less. Completing all three units can take up to 12 months. If you live local to Russell these sessions can be held face-to-face. All other sessions are done online, typically using Zoom (there is no cost for you to link with Zoom).

What is the investment to participate?

Three things are required in terms of investment.

  1. Engagement: This is about having a sustained commitment to be fully engaged in the process.

  2. Time: This is about being prepared to make a weekly commitment of one hour (give or take) for your weekly session as well as the time needed to complete your homework assignments (about one hour).

  3. Compensation: For the 'standard' EAP, Russell charges the EAP Recommended Senior Mentor Fee which is AUD$2300 per unit. Russell does offer a Platinum EAP. Enquire with Russell to find out more.


To learn more...

To learn more about EAP, go to the EAP website: http://eapmentor.com.


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Dr Robin Youngson


Anaesthetic Specialist

Cofounder: Hearts in Healthcare.