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There are four products that Russell offers as a mindfulness mentor. They each serve very different purposes but all have the same objective; to help you live your life being kinder to yourself first and foremost, as well as to others and to the environment. All four programs have the flexibility to be adapted to the needs of each client; whether it's one person, a couple or a team, limited or unlimited budget, personal or professional, and if it's local or national/global. These programs have been delivered by Russell for over 10 years and have had significant impacts on the lives of those who have participated. Take a moment to read what a internationally renowned medical specialist had to say about Russell's work:

Dr Robin Youngson


Anaesthetic Specialist

Cofounder: Hearts in Healthcare.

I write from my position as a medical specialist and also an international healthcare leader, having been an advisor to the NZ Government and the World Health Organisation. I am also the cofounder of an international movement for compassionate healthcare - Hearts in Healthcare. Together with my wife Meredith, we did the Enhances Awareness Program (EAP) with Russell Sturgess, which involves many months of one-on-one weekly mentoring sessions and a highly structured program. Both of us realised considerable benefits in both our professional and personal lives as a result of this program, which I highly recommend. The program is based on a great depth of knowledge and wisdom and the learning resources are truly excellent. Of all the many programs in self-development I have undertaken, EAP would rank among the most valuable. 


I have also attended the shorter Pathways to Mindfulness program and am happy to endorse this product as well. In fact, I believe this program to be so valuable that I have offered to help revise and adapt the program to suit the specific needs of physicians, as a thank you gift to Russell.

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