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Western Mindfulness

Is about being aware of better serving options, and remembering in each moment that having those options means you can choose to be kinder to yourself, to others and to the environment. 

Introducing Russell Sturgess

Russell Sturgess is one of Australia's thought leaders in Western Mindfulness. Its philosophy differs from Eastern Mindfulness, given that the roots of Western Mindfulness stemmed from medieval Europe. More recent developments in neuroscience have validated this approach, which is less focused on meditation and more oriented towards remembering kinder alternatives. Trained in mindfulness practices in the late 80's, which he integrated into his work as a health professional, Russell actively researched an approach to mindfulness that emerged from southern France and northern Italy during the middle-ages. He published his first book on the subject in 2009 from which he developed his groundbreaking mindfulness mentoring programs and workshops; The Enhances Awareness Program and Pathways to Mindfulness. 


Whether you are in a place where you are hurting, uncertain about which way to move forward, or wanting to be another step closer to enlightenment, the Western Mindfulness approach to living is an important resource for all three. In each case, being more aligned with loving kindness is fundamental.   


If the love in your relationship is just emerging, or at the other extreme is waning, then learning more about how to live with loving kindness would be beneficial. Almost all challenges in relationship are the result of mismatched values. Adopting the Western approach to mindfulness is about reconnecting by being aligned with newly shared values.


Burnout, anxiety and exhaustion are almost epidemic, irrespective of whether you are in the health sector, business, education or public service. Learning to set your internal compass on being kinder to yourself, others and the environment will naturally result in work-life balance, engaging your work like it makes a difference in the world, and being aligned with sustainable values.    


Conscious commerce from the perspective of Western Mindfulness is being aware of how a business can be successful while being mindful of a kind-hearted commitment to every aspect of their organisation. Being aligned with sustainable values will see employees, suppliers and clients all being treated with kindness, since they all contribute to the positive difference the organisation can make in the world.  

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