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Making a significant contribution toward global inner-peace and healing, one person at a time!

At The Centre for Western Mindfulness we believe that a global change can be achieved by guiding a critical mass to be more aware, and to engage life more mindfully.

Our mission is to train and support enough Western Mindfulness Mentors in delivering our Pathways to Mindfulness program, to have a global critical mass aligned with desires and supporting values that will create global peace and healing. This transformative process will be delivered by ‘ordinary’ people who possess a clear understanding of the dynamic healing nature of awareness and mindfulness, and who share in our vision.

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What We Do


At The Centre for Western Mindfulness we train and support people to become Western Mindfulness Mentors. The foundation to the work of the mentors is the Pathways to Mindfulness (PTM) programs, which are one-on-one mentoring programs that provide the framework and guidance required for people to enhance their awareness and live life more mindfully.

Pathways to Mindfulness programs are unique to The Centre for Western Mindfulness, having been developed by the founder Russell Sturgess. PTM has proven to be aligned with the latest research regarding neuroplasticity, and has been packaged in high quality, step-by-step, easy to follow workbooks.

What Western Mindfulness Mentors Do​

The role of a Western Mindfulness Mentor is to practice authentic listening, create a space that is free of judgement, and to use the Pathways to Mindfulness process to help people develop kindness as a default state of consciousness.

While facilitating PTM, a Western Mindfulness Mentor will share their knowledge and personal experience on how enhancing awareness, and being more mindful of the choice to live with kindness, has enriched their own life.

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About the Founder

Russell could be best described as a para-academic. His areas of focus sit on the periphery of main-stream academia. His career path has seen him become a successful and acclaimed alternative health professional, researcher, and educator. Two of his three published books, Metanoia, Renovating the House of Your Spirit, and The Spiritual Roots of the Tarot, The Cathar Code Hidden in the Cards explore the history and theology of what could conceivably be called the first progressive Christians, the Cathar of medieval Europe.

During the late 80’s, Russell was introduced to the work of the late, Dr Gerry Jampolsky, called Attitudinal Healing. This could be best described as a pragmatic version of A Course in Miracles. Russell went on to weave this love-centred philosophy for life into all of the aspects of his life, and which he continues to do in a more expanded way. This cocktail of life experience inspired Russell to develop an approach to living mindfully that, he explains, has a western orientation. Thus the name for his work, Western Mindfulness.

Russell’s third book is a brief autobiography entitled Get Out of Jail Card. In this book he details his own personal journey from divorce, depression, bankruptcy and obesity to manifesting a life which embraces health and wellbeing, abundance, fulfilment and joy. Russell personally applied the knowledge that he had gleaned throughout his life journey, and proved that adopting an approach to life, centred around a theology of unconditional love, could transform reality.

Russell is the father of four adult children the youngest of which was born with Williams Syndrome. He was her primary carer for almost 18 years. He is also a grandfather of three beautiful children. He is in an established relationship, in which both he and Rosie, his fiancé  (pictured here), are immersed in living life mindfully. Russell enjoys buying, preparing, and eating quality food, consciously. He is an aware homemaker (Rosie and Russell live independently) having observed that the closer he got to Divine presence, the more he loved a clean and tidy home. He loves to travel, and camping is a very favourite pastime. Russell has a touring styled motorbike (a large scooter) that he loves getting out and about on. Simply put, Russell loves life! He lives it simply, and is committed to being kind to himself, to others, and to Mother Earth.

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