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The role of a Western Mindfulness Mentor is to share with their clients, their knowledge and experience on awareness and mindfulness and how, when they are applied to their life, they will start to experience inner-peace and stillness more consistently. Pathways to Mindfulness is the systemised process that Western Mindfulness Mentors use to facilitate this.

It is important to note that mentoring is not coaching, and it is not counselling. Although our process often results in substantial change in each clients life, it is not achieved through using willpower or discipline to enforce the change, such as in coaching. And although our process often results in each client shifting behaviours and becoming aware of the root cause of their suffering, we do not examine and analyse specific issues in detail, such as in counselling. 

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Choosing a Mentor to Work With

The idea of ‘selecting’ a mentor is that you can choose someone with whom you feel you would be compatible. To help guide you, each mentor has provided a summary of their usual client demographic, but are by no means limited to these demographics. Western Mindfulness Mentoring is an intimate experience, so connecting with someone you feel comfortable with is important. 

Finding the right Western Mindfulness Mentor does not have to be limited by location. With the ease of being able to communicate by phone and internet technology, your preferred Western Mindfulness Mentor can be almost anywhere in the world. However, the advantage of choosing a local mentor is that you can arrange face-to-face mentoring sessions. Some people prefer this approach when working closely with someone like a mentor. 

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Working mostly with spiritual leaders, business leaders, health professionals, education professionals, individuals, couples, and organisations including schools, businesses, churches, hospitals and government.

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Working mostly with people aged 25 - 50 years who are generally struggling to find joy in their life and in their relationships. Also working with those who have a tendency to overthink or be highly critical of self or others. 


Working mostly with women in business, discerning coaches and leaders in their chosen professions, men or women age 35-65 years in lifestyle transition who are committed to health and wellbeing. 


Working mostly with those moving forward from guilt, shame and blame. Those wanting growth and empowerment after confining experiences ie. restrictive beliefs/programming and relationships.


Working mostly with people who are motivated to discover or deepen their spiritual experience in search of soul freedom. Those who are wanting more than to live within the programming of tribal traditions and religious institutional instruction. 


Working mostly with health and wellbeing professionals and/or their family members, community workers and volunteers, and people who have experienced extreme trauma.


Working mostly with high achieving women, women leaders, women in business, women entrepreneurs.


Working mostly with those interested in health and personal growth, people facing health crisis, burnout or depression, parents, teenagers, osteopaths, health professionals, Dutch speaking.

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