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What Our Trainees Say About Becoming a Western Mindfulness Mentor

Pathways to Mindfulness Testimonial

Anna Schaumkel - Senior Mentor

"PTM gifts participants the understanding of who they are intrinsically and spiritually. As a result I have found that my clients are flourishing and happier. They achieve their dreams and want to make a lasting contribution in their world. I cannot think of any other career that had me wake up every day and say 'Yes, this is exactly where I am meant to be.' "

What Our Clients Say About Pathways to Mindfulness

Pathways to Mindfulness Testimonial

Dr R Youngson - CHASM Participant

"I write from my position as a medical specialist and also an international healthcare leader, having been an advisor to the NZ government and the WHO, and also as the cofounder of an international movement for compassionate healthcare, Hearts in Healthcare. Of all the many programs in self-development I have undertaken, the PTM program would rank among the most valuable. The program is based on a great depth of knowledge and wisdom and the learning resources are truly excellent."

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