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How To Be In Present Moment Awareness


Have you ever travelled home from work, to look back and realise you can’t really remember much about the journey home? You were on autopilot and it was just a blur of passing faces and objects. Awareness by definition is the ability to consciously feel and perceive events; to be totally present in what’s happening right then and there, in that moment. It’s easy to get caught up in what happened yesterday, or the image of what tomorrow should look like but it often comes at the expense of today.

There is however more to being in the moment than just paying attention to the events around you. To be present in the moment is to witness what is happening as opposed to what you think is happening or in other words, it’s having an objective understanding of a situation. This is often easier said than done since we’re conditioned and programmed to experience life through our own stories. These stories of ours predominately come from three sources: cultural, familial and personal, all of which teach us the values, beliefs and attitudes that create a filter through which, to some extent, dictate how we see and understand our lives. For most of us, we’re ignorant to our own filters because we trust our perspective to be the only truth when in actual fact; it’s just one of many possible points of view. Being present, in the here and now, is seeing past the filter. It’s peaceful as opposed feelings of frustration, anger, resentment and judgement, all of which are based on our own personal agendas, pain and what our life experience has taught us.

Enhances Awareness Program (EAP) is a systematic way of listening, an approach that brings attention to the fact that you are running a story by enhancing your capacity to be aware of it. First you have to be able to see that you have a story that creates the reality of your experience, which has little to do with what’s actually going on, you make it that way because of the story you run. We then help you to identify what that story is and practise awareness in understanding how it’s influencing your reality. By moving into the position of the observer or the witness, it allows you to release the story so that you’re no longer affected by it.

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