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Groundhog Day

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Every Minute of Every Day We Are Creating Our Reality


Have you ever wondered why life feels like Groundhog Day? You wake up everyday and it’s same old same old, just a different day. You have tried doing things differently but in no time you are back experiencing your familiar reality. Have you ever wondered why changing that job didn’t bring more fulfilment? Why finding a new partner didn’t bring more love and why moving residence didn’t make you any happier?

Thirty years ago I studied Attitudinal Healing with Dr Gerry Jampolsky in San Francisco. One of the first things I recall him teaching was the principal of projection. You can’t change a movie by changing the screen. This means that irrespective of what you put up for a screen, the same movie will be showing. The screen may have a different form, and that may take a little while to get used to, but it doesn’t take too much time to realise you are watching the same movie.

I am sure you have heard of people moving house to get away from difficult neighbours only to settle into their new home and find that they have more difficult neighbours. A more common scenario is when a woman leaves an abusive relationship, only to find herself in another abusive relationship next time round. One scenario that I along with many of you will be personally familiar with dieting and weight loss. If weight loss was as simple as changing the food you eat, there would be no overweight people who had ever been on a diet. As we all know, that is not the case.

As I write this blog, I am flying to Melbourne and recall a time when I was obese enough that there was not sufficient room for me to pull down the tray-table. At that time I had done every fad diet there was, including ones from Beverley Hills! I just looked across at the magazine the lady beside me was reading and the headline on her page reads “The Good Fat Diet – How (such and such lost 9kg by eating one avocado a day.)

I lost weight, but it always came back, and then some. It would seem, based on the principle of projection that it’s not what goes into the mouth that offends the body, so much as what comes out of it. That being the case, dieting should be more about watching what we think and less about what we eat. In fact, the evidence suggests that when your thinking is right, you will naturally act in a way that only truly serves. You will be more inclined to eat and exercise in a more self-loving way.

Getting the thinking right isn’t a new idea. Once again, there are many coaches, counsellors and psychologists who specialise in helping people think differently enough to enable them to lose weight, find love, get rich and live happily ever after, or not – our current lifestyle-disease epidemic would support the ‘not’. So right thinking isn’t as simple as goal setting and having a positive mental attitude. It would appear that another state of consciousness is needed for transforming ‘reality’.

I recently became very discombobulated when I had a three-day losing streak playing a card game with my partner while travelling. I effectively lost every hand in what would have been about 100 hands over these three days. Now, I admit to having a higher than average genetically inherited competitive streak that left me feeling quite agitated at the end of these 100 hands. On the last day of our travels, while waiting for our return flight home, we decided to play another round of cards. What had transpired over the last few days was immediately repeated on this first hand. I am sure my reaction was plainly obvious, so much so that I caught myself getting annoyed.

The irony in all of this, was that I had just completed facilitating a two-day workshop on how to live in inner peace, and here I was completely out of integrity. I began to chuckle to myself when I realised that a game of cards had taken me out of my peace. Re-confirming that peace was my priority and knowing that its a choice and not a consequence, I immediately decided to choose peace. While waiting for my cards to be dealt, I centred and could feel the annoyance dissipate and my stillness return. Without a word of a lie, I was dealt the best hand in over 100 games, and won. In spite of the win I consciously chose to stay in my peace. I continued to win every hand that morning.

I’ll fill in more detail on the video that accompanies this blog, but the principle that I teach and fully ascribe to, that in stillness all things come together for our good, was played out in that game. I have previously discussed the idea that the world we experience is plastic to our awareness or lack of it. Even the way cards are dealt in a game. Every minute of every day we are creating our reality, even the cards we get dealt in a game (the game of life).

If you want to escape Groundhog Day then expand your awareness in order to live more mindfully. When your mindfulness brings you to inner peace, then you are free of the programming of your past, you live life in Universal Flow, no longer Groundhog Day.

This Weeks Video

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