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The Five Foundational Principles of EAP

Updated: Oct 27, 2022


Over the next few articles I will be discussing the five principles that are foundational to the Enhances Awareness Program (EAP). These principles have informed the way in which the process of EAP has been developed. The Enhances Awareness Program is different to most other approaches, since the intention of the program is to create stillness through awareness.

Being the Observer

In the context of EAP, awareness is having the ability to be the witness or observer to your life experience without having to attach a meaning to what has been witnessed, other than enquiring how it serves. It is when you can string a series of moments of awareness together that you begin to experience stillness. The instant you attach a meaning, the stillness disappears.

In Stillness

In stillness your awareness is heightened to the point where what you value is compassion, peace, freedom and wellness, the highest expressions of human consciousness. These replace the typical human experience of scarcity, victimhood, limitations and illness. By maintaining awareness, the drama and wanting is replaced by stillness and giving. In awareness there is a natural flow of abundance: an abundance of love and wealth for self and others; an abundance of joy in life; and an abundance of fulfilment.

Your Body

The state of your body accurately mirrors the state of your consciousness. When consciousness transforms, so too does the body. The first EAP Principle states that your body is a symbol of consciousness. In this first series, you will get to explore the following topics: What is consciousness? What does fascia have to do with consciousness? How do we heal?

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