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When Something Is Authentically Observed, It Changes - Part 1

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Maintaining Awareness


The fourth principle of the Enhances Awareness Program states that ‘when something is authentically observed, it changes.’ This is a principle of Quantum Physics. If you would like to know more, I recommend googling the Double Slit Experiment. For this blog, I will be using the empirical evidence observed in the changes that took place in the life of one of the client’s who practiced enhanced awareness.

Your Life Changes the More Aware You Become

This principle is the foundation to EAP and what effectively sets it apart from other personal growth programs. Put into simpler terms, your life changes the more aware you become. This means that all effort is directed towards awareness and observation and not to adopting new behaviours. Let me give you an example. One of my clients had been estranged from her parents for several years. This meant that they never visited each other, never talked on the phone and if they were in each others presence they avoided each other.

Being the Observer

While participating in the EAP this client came to the awareness that her total engagement with her parents, even though she was in her fifties was still governed by her acting out of being the child, fully immersed in her story of abandonment. As is true of the program, she was only invited to maintain the awareness of this state of consciousness as it appeared throughout each day, and to consider how it served her to have this as the basis for how she related to her current life experience. She was not asked to change her behaviour, just to observe her behaviour.

Healing Relationships

Several weeks later my client attended an engagement party of a niece. While talking to members of her extended family, her mum and dad arrived and saw her chatting to members of the family. Previously they would have acknowledged her and then would have avoided her for the rest of the time. Instead, seeing her there, they walked over and sat at the same table, and engaged her in conversation as if there had been no estrangement for the past several years. It was a completely cordial conversation. The upshot of it is that she has since totally reconnected with her parents and is doing so with a sense of relating adult to adult as well as feeling self-empowered. The only thing that had changed was the enhanced awareness that my client was able to gain, about the way she previously related to her parents through her story of abandonment. My client made the commitment to be more fully observing how her story played out in her life, by honestly identifying the impact it had on her throughout her whole life. She also observed how it impacted on others in her life. The other element was to imagine what her life experience, and what her relationship with others would look like if she was free of her story.

Divine Flow

There is a flow of energy that we have all experienced at different times in our lives when everything seems to flow perfectly. It’s like we have the Midas Touch. Conversely, I am sure we have all experienced those times when everything goes wrong, no matter how hard we try. The former I call Divine Flow, and it is my observation that the more aware we are the more evidence there is of Divine Flow. This state of flow that blesses us is a constant. It is always present, and knows nothing but abundance and grace. We cut ourselves off from this flow the moment we resort to living from our story. In this place we are no longer practicing awareness. In this place our programmed beliefs, attitudes and behaviours invite ‘actors’ into our drama, just like walking into a dark theatre, away from the light and flow of the outdoors. Mischief, mishaps and suffering become our reality, instead of the abundance of love and peace that emanates from Divine Flow.

Take a Moment to Consider

I would invite you to take a moment to consider your life as you currently experience it. Is it a case of Divine Flow, or one of drama and suffering? Can you identify a time when you felt that you were in Divine Flow? How long ago was that?

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