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An Inward Stillness And An Inner Healing

Updated: Oct 27, 2022


In my book Metanoia I quote American poet, Longfellow. “Let us, then, labour for an inward stillness, an inward stillness and an inner healing; That perfect silence where the lips and the heart are still, and we no longer entertain out own imperfect thoughts and vain opinion.” This, along with the rest of the verse has become my personal mantra, the lifebuoy I throw my mind whenever I become aware that I have stepped away from my stillness. Longfellow clearly states why we struggle to be still – it’s our imperfect thoughts and vain opinions.

Our Story

These thoughts and opinions arise from the beliefs and attitudes that were primarily formed throughout our childhood. This is more commonly referred to as our story. We each have limitations, self-judgements, expectations and fears that inform our choices at every turn. Their individual and collective impact see us live lives that fall well short of our dreams. We become so disenchanted by our imprisonment in our story that we eventually let go of our dreams and spend most of our energy on working out how to survive. So instead of living the life we love, we mostly live a life the best we can under the circumstances. These circumstances include unhappy relationships, unfulfilling careers, poor self-esteem, sickness, depression, loneliness, unmanageable debt, and addictions, to name a few.

Is Change Possible?

Is it genuinely possible to live an abundant life where you experience love and nurture, and where intimacy is a joyful expression? A life where you love your work so much that the line between life and work is blurred, but your clarity about what you value means that you have a healthy work/life balance? A life where you sit confidently in your purpose and abilities, which results in a natural commitment to treating your body, mind and soul with love and nurture? The answer is yes, to all of the above. The Enhances Awareness Program is a mentoring process that successfully empowers people to make those sorts of changes in their lives. Through helping people to become more aware of their story and how their ‘imperfect thoughts and vain opinions’ keep them imprisoned, they can make the choice to let go of their story and focus on that, ‘inward stillness’ described by Longfellow. Stillness and the divine flow that accompanies being still is real, and only requires you to maintain an enhanced awareness for it manifest.

A Small Challenge

Today, when you find yourself becoming stressed (the result of how ‘your story’ interprets what is happening), take a moment to step back, take a deep breath and just observe all of the elements of what is going on. And here’s the kicker, don’t have what you observe mean anything. Observe your thoughts, feelings, body sensations and desires and don’t be tempted to have them be right or wrong, they just are. Having done that, take a moment to explore how the way you engage those elements, actually serves you. How will it serve others? Don’t try to fix anything, just stay aware!

Client Rave

“Before I did EAP, I was dealing with situations that triggered unresolved emotions that resulted in poor choices. My marriage was deeply affected and I was fearful. EAP helped me to let go of the need to be in control, stop talking and start listening. It changed my life and saved my marriage.” Matthew, Self Development Mentor, Australia

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