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Healing is Listening - Part 5

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Be of Service - How Much More Loving Can You Be to Yourself and to Others?


This current series of blogs gives a detailed explanation of the third EAP principle, Healing is Listening (being aware). In terms of the Enhances Awareness Program this principle is evident in the EAP Process. That process is built into the weekly progression people experience going through the program. If you recall, the first part of the process is an invitation to Be Honest, followed by Being Informed. I refer to these as the two bookends, with the gap in between being filled by Being Strategic. Remember, this was all about developing new neural pathways.

Enhances Awareness

As the name of this work suggests, this model for having you achieve more clarity, wellness, happiness and freedom is achieved by helping you to enhance your awareness. Awareness by its very nature is about observing, and not relying on personal will to enact change. This is what makes EAP Mentoring very different to life coaching, counselling and psychotherapy. This focus on awareness remains fundamental throughout the whole program, even the last step in the process, Be of Service.

Being Aware

To this point, having progressed three quarters of the way through the process, you are now aware of your current state of consciousness and how that impacts on your relationships, your health and your sense of worth and purpose. This is not unlike dealing with weight loss. If you have ever been over weight, you would be very familiar with how your heightened awareness of physical and emotional suffering (becoming honest) led you to imaging what you could look like, with the associated benefits, without the excess weight (being informed). At this point you decide on a strategy of diet and exercise, different to, but ultimately the same as what you have done in the past and then engage it through personal will. Millions of over weight people who have got to this point in the process attest that a strategy and personal will mostly aren’t sufficient.

Being of Service

It is this next step in the EAP Process that makes the difference. Being of Service is the fourth element and is the natural progression when you maintain your state of awareness. This is the second key to change, service like strategy, information and honesty is about awareness, not about action. In EAP, once you have created the new neural pathway, your next step is to be vigilant in constantly asking yourself,

“How does this serve me or not serve me to keep on doing what I am doing?”

This question is immediately followed by this question,

“How does it serve significant others in my life to keep on doing what I am doing?”

Awareness and Service

Awareness and service in this context brings you to the point of observing how much more loving you can be to yourself and to others. There is a difference when the motive for change is fear based, its exhausting and often unsustainable. When the motive is love centred, the engagement of the strategies naturally emerge without the need for sacrifice and will power. Maintaining awareness expands understanding, which leads to insights about where the beliefs, attitudes and actions emerged from that resulted in your life-time of suffering. In the last blog I referred to this as your story. By the time you are in your teens, your life story is well entrenched in your consciousness. What ever form your story takes, the same sponsoring thought is true for us all, I’m loveless and possibly unloveable. There is a myriad of unique ways this can be expressed, and invariably, this is what handicaps our ability to stay in awareness. If healing is being aware, then disease is not being aware. You live life either from your story or from awareness. Your story creates disease and suffering, awareness creates healing and stillness.

Take a Moment to Consider

For the next two weeks I encourage you to be vigilant in asking how your current thoughts, feelings and behaviours serve you (or not) and serve significant others in your life (or not). What price will you pay physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually if you keep on doing the same things?

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